Kidz Beauty Spot Terms & Conditions

Please note that our enchanting kids’ manicures and pedicures are crafted with a light touch, featuring a gentle file, a soothing oil rub, and beautiful painting. For the safety and enjoyment of our young guests, these services do not include cuticle cutting or buffing. We want to ensure a magical experience for your little ones.

Additionally, for our moms who indulge in manicures and pedicures, please be aware that these services are provided for fun and relaxation purposes. While our staff is skilled, they are not licensed nail professionals. We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to create delightful spa moments for both you and your little ones.


How do I book a spa party?

To reserve a spa party date, you can book it on our website A contract along with a $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date and time. Book your kids' spa birthday party up to 3 months in advance for a magical and stress-free experience.

What happens if I cancel my party?

Due to the reservation nature of our business, your deposit is non-refundable. However, if you must cancel for any reason, we will work with you to reschedule your party within 30 days.

Can siblings participate in the spa party?

Our spa party packages are prepared prior to arrival based upon the head count given at the time of reservation. Therefore, we are not able to accommodate unexpected guests. Siblings of the guest of honor should be included in the final headcount for the party.

What if a guest does not show up, do I still pay for that guest?

You will be charged for the final head count given 2-3 days prior to the party. Regrettably, no refunds will be issued for no-shows the day of the party.

Are parents welcomed to stay during the party?

We only allow 2 adults to stay during the duration of the party.

How many guests are allowed?

Our spa is designed to host up to 14 children for services. During each service, we welcome the presence of two adults only, unless mitigating circumstances apply. Your understanding is greatly appreciated as we prioritize a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all our guests.

What happens if a party is canceled due to inclement weather?

If we must cancel your party due to extreme weather conditions, which result in dangerous driving conditions for our employees and guests, we will return your full deposit or work with you to reschedule your party.

What sanitary precautions do you take?

Each event will have clean and washed towels and spa robes. All of our bowls are cleaned and disinfected. Disposable applicators are used for all makeup applications.

What happens if a guest arrives late?

Because our parties are based on a schedule, they work best when all guests arrive on time. Guests coming late may join the birthday party at whatever point it has progressed to.

What ages does Kids Beauty Spot service?

Our spa caters to ages 3-13 years old. Check out our Tween Party Theme!

How long is each party?

The duration of each kid's party session is dependent on the chosen package and the number of guests attending. Parents are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to set up food and additional decorations, with our team available to assist you. To ensure a seamless experience, we start and end on time. Guests arriving later than 15 minutes will receive spa treatments based on the remaining time. It's important for us to accommodate each group in a timely manner.

Can Moms book a Pedi or Mani too?

On special occasions, we may allow moms to book a spa service. Please remember our services are designed for kids and do not include the usage of sharp implements, blades, or other tools commonly used in adult-tailored pedicures.

Do you offer Off-Site Parties?

Starting Summer 2024, we'll be thrilled to bring our spa magic to your location. Please note a $100.00 Travel Fee will apply to all off-site parties/events. Clients are responsible for seating, tables, and providing close access to warm water. To ensure a perfect experience, confirm maximum guest numbers at least 72 hours prior for staffing arrangements. Enjoy complimentary use of our spa robes and headbands; however, please note that our pink lemonade/champagne flutes are not available for off-site functions.

What do I need to bring the day of the party?

During the services, we provide table and cups & lemonade. All food, cake, drinks, utensils, and paper goods must be provided by you unless included in your party package.

When am I required to make the final payment for the party?

The final balance is due three days before your event. The final headcount should be verified 3-4 days prior to your event date. We will not refund any monies for unexpected canceled guests after the final headcount has been received. Parties with more than 6 guests, not to exceed 14 guests, require an additional charge per guest. Unfortunately, no refund will be given to children who do not wish to participate.

Additional Useful Details

Feel free to bring your own lunch or birthday cake to make the celebration even more special! Please note, a $25.00 clean-up fee will be applied. Additionally, the fee applies to include snacks, cupcakes, and cake only – unfortunately, we're unable to accommodate ice cream. Parents are kindly requested to bring any additional decorations, cutlery, plates, napkins, serving spoons, cutting knife, candles, etc. For a relaxed dining experience, we recommend serving during pedicure treatments when little hands are free. There's no set time for eating, and after the service, there will be allocated time for cake cutting and enjoyment. We look forward to creating a wonderful celebration with you!

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